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Our gift set includes 4 Tea Samples (2 oz) and Tea Strainer.

Taste our loose leaf Fruit Tea flavors! Our Fruit  Tea Sampler is the perfect way to sample some of the latest blends from Everlastea. You get 4 Loose leaf tea bags 2 oz each.

Passion Berry Fruit Tisane - is a delightful blend of fruits and flowers, bursting with flavor and free of caffeine!

Mango Black Tea - Black tea, mango pieces, marigold petals, and fruit flavor. This tea flows with distinction and quality, producing a deep red drink. 

Assam Kondoli Tea - dark, malty, and brisk. Assam is known for consistent leaf quality and exquisite taste.

Chamomint Tea - combines the digestive resources of peppermint with the complete relaxation of chamomile. An aromatic and enchanting tea, Chamomint opens up the airways, focuses on the stomach, and eases away stress. 

Tea Strainer - 2” Diam. stainless-steel mesh herb ball strainer comes with an attached chain with a hook on the end to secure to the rim of your cup or pot. 

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