Herbal Tea Sampler

Herbal Tea Sampler


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4 Herbal Tea Sampler (2 oz)

Taste our loose leaf Herbal Tea flavors! Our Herbal Tea Sampler is the perfect way to sample some of the latest blends from Everlastea. You get 4 Loose leaf tea bags 2 oz each.

Avena Dream (Chamomile) Tea - blend of flowers, herbs, and spices. This tea produces a complex medley of flavors to ease your mind and body.

Chamomile Tea - is a carminative nervine traditionally served to relieve an upset stomach or a case of fatigue nerves. 

Chamomint Tea - combines the digestive resources of peppermint with the complete relaxation of chamomile. An aromatic and enchanting tea, Chamomint opens up the airways, focuses on the stomach, and eases away stress. 

Herbal Delight Tea - holds a wealth of health benefits. Nettle soothes the body's aches, while oatstraw elevates your mood. Raspberry leaf, chamomile and lemon balm supply the calmness to your mind and body. Spearmint and ginger, the ultimate body tonics, maintain your health!

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