50% of our profits go to charity.

Our current charity of choice is an orphanage in Bulgaria. Their message to us was as follows:

 Our greatest need at this time is to obtain a transportation vehicle like a bus to transfer disabled children within the orphanage to wherever they might need to travel. Common places where the children need to include seeing the physician, attending various appointments and school. The government currently provides a transportation bus but it is not suited for the transport of disabled children. The orphanage is located in a village, far away from the city, where they have to frequently travel in order to attend school or for an appointment. The amount we are currently trying to gather is around $10,000. This will supply us with a bus with the right specifications to be used to take care of the children in need.

The economic situation in Bulgaria is meager at best. Numerous people try to donate to our orphanage but they cannot give much. Any money that is donated, is immediately used to obtain bare necessities for the children, such as food and clothing.

We are truly grateful and appreciate any donations that are sent our way. We do our best on very little to provide what we can for these children. Thank you and God bless.

You can donate directly to the Bulgarian Orphanage:


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