Our Story


We love drinking tea. Every single morning we wake up with a fresh pot of delicious tea. One of our favorite tea types is the Assam Black Tea. The Assam Black Tea provides a sweet, long lasting taste along with a strong energy boost to get you going in the morning. After a long day of work, we love to get together in the evening and drink some Sunset tea. It is the perfect tea to sip at the end of the day and unwind. Sunset tea is sweet, calming and relaxing: just like a real sunset.

Thank you for partaking in our mission to help the world.

We are a small company and we care deeply about our customers.

Everlastea was established in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in March 2017. We love tea and did not want to overpay for our tea. With that idea, we started our own company. Providing our customers with fair prices while having that great tea flavor that we love. 

Our Mission:

We believe drinking tea should taste good. That is why we promise to provide you real and exciting tea flavors, with pure and simple ingredients, backed by our exceptional customer service.


Love Tea. Love People.

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