Product review: Nutella.


5 reasons why I love Nutella:

1. I love the hazelnut flavor. I think any chocolate that has hazelnut are delicious. Who else thinks that?

2. It is sweet and smooth. So it is easy to add on top of a bread slice or cracker.

3. You can make awesome fast recipes with it. Make some brownies and top it with Nutella. Fast easy and simple.

4. It is a popular spread so if friends come over they will enjoy it too. 

5.  If you have a sweet tooth, like I do, and don't have the time to bake, you can simply spread it on fruits and have them extra sweet.

Nutella ingredients 

5 reasons why I don't like Nutella:

1. It is to sweet.

-I always look at the labels. Maybe it’s a habit, maybe it been a long process of loosing weight and wanting to be healthy.

 -But just 2 tsp. Of Nutella equals 4 tsp. Of sugar. That’s a bit much!!

-here is an image I found online just shows you in visible form what is in it. 

Visible image of what is in Nutella

2. Artifiacial flavoring.

- I am a pro natural kinda person so whenever I see artificial flavoring. I tend to stay away  

3. I love my chocolate dark. Like I like my tea: dark and smooth  

4. I think It's just overrated. It's good but not something I can have all the time. 

5. The main reason: it's just to sweet.

My rating: 6/10

Would I have it again: yes. 

Would I recommend it: no. 

Is this my cup of tea: no.


-What is a good alternative?

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